It is common to feel heavy in the legs sometimes, especially when you’ve done a load of activities during the day. However, if your heavy legs persisted, it might indicate poor blood circulation from the legs to the heart and oxygen depletion in the legs.

Heavy legs is a medical condition, referred to as an unpleasant feeling of pain, aching and heaviness in the legs, discovered mostly in France, and to a smaller extent in some other place.

Futuro Therapeutic Support Open Toe/Heel Knee High
These open toe elastic compression garments help to relieve discomfort from chronic tired, achy, heavy legs, pronounced varicose veins and moderate ankle swelling. They may also aid in the treatment of mild post-phlebitic syndrome and help to reduce the risk of clotting after minor vein surgery. Ideal for daily use, especially when one needs to standing or sitting for long periods, walking or traveling. It is a 20-30 mm/Hg compression garment for an average ankle size designed with good material, natural look and comfortable finishing to prevent slipping / binding and allow effective support and maximum durability.
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The cause of heavy legs is often related to a blockage in the arteries of legs (peripheral arterial disease). Other possible causes of heavy legs include chronic venous insufficiency, PMS, heart problems, high blood sugar and other blood circulation disorders.

Heavy legs may get worse when standing for long time, during pregnancy, obesity, unhealthy diet, during hot weather, and certain contraceptive pills.

Remedies for aching heavy legs may include drinking a lot of tea, legs massaging with essential oil and walking in the sea.

Other options to remedy heavy legs symptoms would be resting with the legs elevated, wearing elastic compression garments such as medical support hose and probably consuming water tablets.

Elastic compression garments are pieces clothing such as stockings, pantyhose, sleeves, etc. that help move blood more efficiently through the legs and body by compressing and supporting certain parts of the body.

Compression garments are particularly helpful for individual who has to stay in the same position for long periods (e.g. standing or sitting for long time because of occupation, traveling, etc.) or person with poor blood circulation.

The support garments are available in varying degrees of compression with less pressure as they go up the body. The compression degrees range from moderate (10-15 mmHg; 15-20 mmHg) to higher degree which are available over the counter. Highest degree of elastic compression garments will require a prescription from physician or medical professional.

Elastic compression garments for the legs can help prevent deep vein thrombosis, reduce swelling in the legs, and alleviate aching and heavy legs feeling.

The appropriate strength of the compression garments you should choose will depend on the degree of your heavy legs symptoms. The more severe the condition and inactive of you, the higher the compression you need. You should talk with your doctor to determine the most correct compression for your legs problem.

Do remember, elastic compression garments only help to relieve aching and heavy legs. They won’t cure any existing medical conditions. Thus, you should work with your doctor to treat the source of your heavy legs symptoms.