This site is dedicated to provide health information and resources on water retention. You will find everything you need to know about water retention from causes of water retention, types of edema (water retention), possible prevention and remedies for water retention. Now, let’s begin with “what is water retention?“.

What is Water Retention?

Our body is really amazing! It works in a way that we don’t even realize it. It consists of many systems that work together to maintain our body mechanism and keep us well. Our digestive system converts everything we eat into absorbable liquidy nourishment; our respiratory system supplies the fluid with oxygen, which is needed by our body; our circulatory system carries the body fluid to all the tissues in our body; our excretory system protects us from poison and removes waste products out of our body; and more.

What is Water Retention?

70% of our body weight is made up of fluid and our body has been designed to keep the fluid balance. However, when there’s disturbance in the body systems; whether it’s caused by medical or physiological factors; our body will react in many different ways. One of the reactions is to retain water instead of excrete it. This occurs when our body lose its ability to maintain the balance of body fluid. This will cause fluid accumulation in the body tissues. So, what is water retention or fluid retention exactly?

Water retention or fluid retention; medically referred to as edema; is the retention and accumulation of excess fluid that leak into the body tissues. It usually leads to the enlargement of organs, skin, or other body structures and causes swelling throughout the body (generalized) or in certain part of body (localized), especially in the extremities such as fluid retention in legs, feet and ankles, although it might occur in the face, hands, arms, abdominal cavity and around the lungs too.

Normally, the excess fluid is drained from the body tissues by our lymphatic system. But, when the amount of the fluid exceed the ability of the lymphatic drainage system or if there’s damage in the lymphatic system, the system will fail to work and the fluid will be retained in the body tissues. The retention will lead to swelling of the body if the condition continues.

Now that you understood about what is water retention or fluid retention, you should also know that there are many things that can lead to water retention. The causes of water retention can be originated from hormonal, physic, diseases to body disorders that interferes with the body mechanism. Click here to find out more about water retention causes.