• Causes of Neck Swelling | Swollen Thyroid Gland – Diseases, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Surgery

    One of the most common causes of neck swelling is disease of the thyroid gland. So, what is thyroid gland? What happen when it’s malfunctioning? Well, thyroid gland is a large ductless gland that lies at the lower front of the neck, secreting thyroid hormones; thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3); directly into the bloodstream. These hormones affect almost all the cells in the body. They control much of the metabolism and stimulate the growth of child.
  • Feet Swelling, Joint and Leg Pain in Pregnancy

    Water retention occurs to about 50% of women during their pregnancy in some degree. The water retention usually lead to feet swelling and might cause joint and leg pain. It is a common condition in pregnant women. In fact it’s a sign of normal pregnancy (pregnancy without the present of any serious condition). Causes of water retention during pregnancy: Increase of body fluid volume During pregnancy, the body needs extra fluid to be able to expand and give more space for baby to grow.
  • Heart Problems: Water Retention in Legs, Feet, Liver, Abdominal, Lungs

    Water retention occurs in patients with heart problem or disease because of two main reasons: The blood from the body to the heart backs up causing the fluid leaks into the lungs and veins. The heart fails to deliver adequate volume of blood to the body. The kidneys maintain the balance of salt, potassium and acid thus when the kidneys sense a significant decreased of blood flow, it’ll try to compensate the seeming loss of fluid by retaining salt and water.
  • Preeclampsia: Excessive Swelling during Pregnancy

    Preeclampsia is a high blood pressure during pregnancy which is accompanied by proteinuria; significant amount of protein in urine. Some women develop high blood pressure without proteinuria; this is referred to as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). Both preeclampsia and PIH are a leading cause of death to maternal and infant. T The high blood pressure in preeclampsia increases the risk of stroke attack, kidney disorders, damaged liver, blood clotting, pulmonary edema and even death to maternal or baby.
  • Too Much Salt or Excess Sodium Intake

    Too much salt or excess sodium intake Too much salt or excess sodium intake will elevate the blood pressure and cause edema (usually ankles and feet swelling). This particularly occurs in person who is more sensitive to sodium. The kidneys regulate the amount of sodium by retain or excrete it as needed. When there’s a high amount of sodium in the body, the kidneys will excrete more sodium to balance body fluid volume while when it’s too low, the kidneys will retain more of it to maintain a normal fluid volume.
  • Water Retention in Legs and Venous Insufficiency Disease

    The veins (venous) also referred to as blood vessels are tubes or ducts that transport blood to the heart. The veins contribute to our circulatory system by carrying oxygen-poor blood from the leg back to the heart. When the venous circulatory system fails to return the oxygen-poor blood back to the heart over the long term, many diseases related to venous will be developed and many symptoms will start to occur.
  • What Causes Water Retention / Swelling / Edema

    There’re many conditions and problems which lead to water retention from hormonal, physic, diseases to body disorders. Here is a list of what causes water retention / swelling / edema. Arthritis Arthritis often causes pain and swelling in the affected joint. It can affect any joints in our body from hip, heel, spine, shoulder, knee to our big toe. The swelling is usually localized in the affected area only.