• Brain Cancer and Face Swelling - Steroids to Treat Hydrocephalus

    In this article we will discuss about brain tumors, symptoms, treatment and the connection between brain cancer and face swelling, as well as the reasons for facial swelling in brain cancer patients. Primary brain tumors are tumors that start in the brain. They can be benign or malignant. Benign brain tumors do not contain cancer cells and do not invade the tissue around them while malignant brain tumors contain cancer cells that grow rapidly and can invade nearby tissue.
  • Swelling in The Face and Abscess Tooth - Swollen Face Causes

    One of the many causes of swelling and bumps on face is an abscess tooth. Let’s learn further about swelling in the face and abscess tooth in this article. A tooth abscess or root abscess is a painful infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth. This can be caused by untreated cavity or deep decay, cracked teeth or gum diseases. Often the abscess arises from a bacterial infection that has accumulated in the soft, often dead, pulp of the tooth.
  • Allergic Reaction Face Swelling | Swollen Face Allergy

    Drug allergic reaction occurs when the immune system mistakenly detects a medication as a harmful substance and secretes histamine causing various allergic signs and symptoms. One of various symptoms that may occur due to drug allergies is face swelling including swelling in face, lips, or tongue. Following are several medications that may cause swollen face allergy. Read also: Swelling in The Face and Abscess Tooth Brain Cancer and Face Swelling Allegra
  • Facial swelling / Edema: Swelling and Bumps on Face

    Facial swelling is the fluid retention in the tissues of the face which may also involve the neck and upper arms. If the facial edema is mild, it may go undetected. Below are various causes of fluid retention in the face. Allergic reaction Puffy face may be a symptom of an allergic reaction caused by hay fever,spider bites, bee stings or allergic rhinitis, an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose caused by an irritant such as dander, dust or pollen.