Hernia usually involves penetration of the internal organs through the protective muscle walls that enclose them. One of the most common symptoms caused by hernia is irregular swelling especially in the stomach area. In initial stages, the swelling or bulge is only appeared as a small lump that does not cause pain when it is touched. As the disorder progresses the swelling or herniated area becomes painful and continues swallowing. The lump is more obvious when you cough or sneeze and usually it can be pushed back with your hand, but it will bulge again in a short time. Be aware if you can’t push back the herniation, you might be suffering from a strangulated hernia, an extreme form of hernia and requiring extreme hernia surgery.

In the early phases, healing hernia without surgery is possible. The following steps may be useful to treat a mild form of hernia:

  1. Use of hernia belt to prevent the protrusion and reduce pain. Special type of hernia belts is available for each type of hernia such as Inguinal Hernia Pad/ Hernia Support Belt for Men/ Medical Truss for Hernia.
  2. Treat constipation, recurrent cough, urinary obstruction, etc. whenever they occur.
  3. Lose some weight will increase the strength of abdominal wall.
  4. Accommodate a healthy diet
    • Eat food rich in fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and grains for easy bowel movements. Leafy vegetables such as cabbage, dandelion, sweet potatoes, artichoke, etc. are some of good choice. Have grains like barley and millet.
    • Eat six small meals instead of 3 big meals
    • Eat Cayenne pepper
    • Drink warm tea in hot room and sweat it out
    • Keep away from foods which are hard to digest
  5. Healing hernia without surgery through a healthy lifestyle changes
    • Do abdominal exercises regularly to increase the muscle tone.
    • Avoid bending or lying after eating
    • Stop smoking
    • Avoid weight lifting that put pressure into the intra-abdominal leading to severe risk of hernia
    • Keep off from alcohol
    • Don’t get depressed
    • Don’t wear tight clothes
    • Keep a cloth soaked in rupturewort tea to the affected area for some relief
  6. Try other systems like homeopathic treatment, herbal medicine, etc.

When the above “healing hernia without surgery” steps do not provide any relief or when you’re suffering from an extreme hernia, you should consult a doctor for further medical or surgical treatment as soon as possible. The following surgical treatments are performed depending on the type and nature of hernia.

  1. Herniotomy: In this surgery, the contents of hernial sac are thrust into the abdomen and neck of the sac is bandaged with transfixion ligature and the sac is cut off.
  2. Herniorrhaphy: Here along with herniotomy procedure the posterior wall is repaired.
  3. Hernioplasty: This surgery is performed when herniotomy is impossible because of wide neck of the sac. Here the hernia is repaired with the help of non absorbable materials such as tantalum gauze, polypropylene mesh or stainless steel mesh.

Child hernia surgery restrictions & advises

Child hernia surgery is done when healing hernia without surgery is not possible. The operation lasts for about one hour and the child can return home the same day the surgery was performed. No visible scars will remain on the child’s skin because all the work is done under the skin. Also there are no stitches that need removing but there is going to be a covering tape over the incision, but it will fall or it can be removed after a few days from the surgery. Recovery after hernia surgery: most of the children do not suffer from great pain after the surgery and almost everything returns to normal in a few days, but if any pain occurs he should take pain relievers prescribed by the doctor who performs the surgery.

Open surgery in the treatment for hernia when healing hernia without surgery can not be done

This type of extreme hernia surgery involves wide abdominal incisions, exposing the patients to a high risk of developing complications (internal bleeding, post-operative infections). From an esthetical point of view, traditional surgery leaves patients with pronounced, slow-healing abdominal scars. Recovery from extreme hernia surgery: patients who suffer traditional surgery recover slowly and require up to a few weeks of hospitalization.

Minimal-repair technique in the treatment for hernia when healing hernia without surgery is impossible

Initially intended for correcting inguinal hernia, the “Minimal-Repair Technique” can nowadays be performed in the treatment of various other forms of hernia. This technique is faster, more reliable and very safe. The procedure leaves no visible scars and it considerably speeds up the patients’ post-operative recovery. Recovery after hernia surgery: most patients can leave the hospital a few hours after the operation recover completely within 14 days after the surgery.](/remedies-edema-water-retention/inguinal-hernia-pad-hernia-support-belt-men-medical-truss-hernia “Inguinal Hernia Pad/ Hernia Support Belt for Men/ Medical Truss for Hernia”)