• Swelling in The Face and Abscess Tooth - Swollen Face Causes

    One of the many causes of swelling and bumps on face is an abscess tooth. Let’s learn further about swelling in the face and abscess tooth in this article. A tooth abscess or root abscess is a painful infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth. This can be caused by untreated cavity or deep decay, cracked teeth or gum diseases. Often the abscess arises from a bacterial infection that has accumulated in the soft, often dead, pulp of the tooth.
  • Allergic Reaction Face Swelling | Swollen Face Allergy

    Drug allergic reaction occurs when the immune system mistakenly detects a medication as a harmful substance and secretes histamine causing various allergic signs and symptoms. One of various symptoms that may occur due to drug allergies is face swelling including swelling in face, lips, or tongue. Following are several medications that may cause swollen face allergy. Read also: Swelling in The Face and Abscess Tooth Brain Cancer and Face Swelling Allegra
  • Ascites in Advanced Gastric Cancer | Swollen Stomach cancer

    Ascites is the abnormal buildup of excess fluid in the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity. Almost 80% of all ascites cases are considered to be caused by cirrhosis of the liver and at least 10% of cases are counted for advanced cancer disease. Ascites caused by cancer is called malignant ascites. It has a high incidence in patients of advanced ovarian, endometrial (the lining of the womb), breast, stomach, colon, lymphoma and pancreatic cancers.
  • Ascites – Excessive Peritoneal / Abdominal Fluid Retention / Edema

    Ascites is an excess fluid retention or edema within the abdominal or peritoneal cavity, the membrane lining the abdominal organs and the abdomen itself. A combination of low levels of albumin and elevated pressure of hepatic portal vein is the main cause of abdominal fluid retention. These conditions are usually aggravated from certain underlying diseases especially: Congestive heart failure Maglinant diseases for example metastasis of stomach or ovary cancer Liver disorder e.
  • Causes of Fluid Retention in Patients with Heart Problems

    The heart is one of the main parts of our circulatory system. Failure of the heart to function properly will obstruct the entire circulatory system. And this may lead to the occurring of water retention. Let’s take a look at the heart and its function as it will help you to better understand how and what are the causes of fluid retention in patients with heart problems and disorders. or
  • Diet for Gout Patients – List of Foods to Avoid that Causes Gout Attacks

    Among all the triggers of an increased uric acid levels and gout symptoms, the quantity and the type of food consumed seem to play a very important role. Thus, an important aspect of treating gout is to decrease the uric acid levels through good foods diets to control and prevent gout attacks and bad foods restrictions to remedy gout. Here you will find some information on diet for gout patients, list of foods to avoid that cause gout attacks, foods to eat to help in getting rid of gout and home remedies or alternative treatment to cure gout.
  • Drugs/Medicines Prescribed for Gout Treatment - Home Remedies to Cure Gout

    Although proper diet and drinking larger quantities of water are a natural way of getting rid of the excess of uric acid from the body, some medicines can also help to normalize the levels of the substance. Medical treatment for gout The medical treatment of gout generally acts on two levels: it normalizes serum uric acid levels and relieves gout attacks. In order to ameliorate pain attacks, doctors usually prescribe gout sufferers non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, colchinide or injections with corticosteroids.
  • Elastic Compression Garments for Heavy Legs

    It is common to feel heavy in the legs sometimes, especially when you’ve done a load of activities during the day. However, if your heavy legs persisted, it might indicate poor blood circulation from the legs to the heart and oxygen depletion in the legs. Heavy legs is a medical condition, referred to as an unpleasant feeling of pain, aching and heaviness in the legs, discovered mostly in France, and to a smaller extent in some other place.
  • Facial swelling / Edema: Swelling and Bumps on Face

    Facial swelling is the fluid retention in the tissues of the face which may also involve the neck and upper arms. If the facial edema is mild, it may go undetected. Below are various causes of fluid retention in the face. Allergic reaction Puffy face may be a symptom of an allergic reaction caused by hay fever,spider bites, bee stings or allergic rhinitis, an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose caused by an irritant such as dander, dust or pollen.
  • Fluid Retention Causes in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease

    Liver is the largest glandular organ in our body. It serves several roles in our digestive, circulatory and excretory system. Overall, the liver performs about 500 vital functions and produces over 1,000 essential substances needed by our body. Moreover, we can only live up to 24 hours without the liver function. Failure of the liver to function properly is one of the causes of excessive water retention in legs and abdominal.