This may be one of the most effective inguinal hernia pad support featuring dual adjustable compression trusses designed to aid in the relief of inguinal hernias and velcro sturdy elastic waist band with two removable and adjustable pressure pads. The leg straps are made from soft Super Stretch Spandex with stainless steel buckles.

This hernia support belt for men is available from small (30” around the hips) to extra large (52”) size. Some custom manufacturing of this inguinal hernia aid are available for sizes greater than 52”.


  • This medical truss for hernia does not leave marks on the body.
  • It works well for healing hernia without surgery. It is pretty well made and sturdy enough to put as much pressure as you want on the hernia.
  • The velcro waist strap allows you to have varying amounts of tightness around your hips. It has adjustable leg straps much like a jock to adjust the amount of pressure that you can put on the velcro-backed foam pads. The pad can be positioned wherever it best suits, there are two included, they are pear shaped, like a pear cut vertically, flat on one side and about one inch thick. Because this is a double truss, it works better at providing pressure than a single one would, plus it feels better because of its symmetrical fit.
  • This inguinal hernia pad support is well-designed, very comfortable to wear and ideal for the purpose. The stretch elastic and velcro fastening make it easy to put on and remove, and with the two pads keeping both hernias in place, I have no hesitation in recommending this product.
  • Great medical truss for hernia with GOOD PRICE.
  • This hernia support belt for men fits well and provides “hold-in” without discomfort.


  • It’s quite comfortable but is bulky enough that you are aware of it, but it works well as male hernia support garments.
  • Before you buy this inguinal hernia pad, make sure you take your HIP size, not your Waist size when ordering. Even though the inguinal hernia aid is of good quality, you should check the correct measure of your thigh’s. If you use 38 of waist, you should buy something four to six inches bigger (42 to 46), that is, extra-large.