• Stomach Swelling, Chest Pain, Lump, Heartburn - Symptoms of a Hernia

    Hernia is an abnormal protrusion of internal organs through an abnormal opening in the wall of the abdomen. It’s a combination of increased pressure within the body and weakness in the body wall that damages the abdominal wall leading to protrusion through the thin membrane and stomach swelling. The abnormal protrusion of internal organs is mainly portions of intestines or abdominal fatty tissue. It will form a swelling which will increase the size with coughing, lifting weight and while passing stool and urine.
  • Swelling after Liposuction - Edema - Liposuction Recovery

    Liposuction can be done on various body parts, which includes the stomach or abdominal area, hips area, neck, breasts, buttocks, arms, thighs, calves, face, or back. You also have the option of getting liposuction done on more than one area at the same time. Liposuction can be performed on people of all ages, but older patients do not receive the same result, as their skin elasticity is less than a younger person who has tighter skin.
  • Causes of Fluid Retention in Patients with Heart Problems

    The heart is one of the main parts of our circulatory system. Failure of the heart to function properly will obstruct the entire circulatory system. And this may lead to the occurring of water retention. Let’s take a look at the heart and its function as it will help you to better understand how and what are the causes of fluid retention in patients with heart problems and disorders. or
  • Heart Problems: Water Retention in Legs, Feet, Liver, Abdominal, Lungs

    Water retention occurs in patients with heart problem or disease because of two main reasons: The blood from the body to the heart backs up causing the fluid leaks into the lungs and veins. The heart fails to deliver adequate volume of blood to the body. The kidneys maintain the balance of salt, potassium and acid thus when the kidneys sense a significant decreased of blood flow, it’ll try to compensate the seeming loss of fluid by retaining salt and water.
  • What Causes Water Retention / Swelling / Edema

    There’re many conditions and problems which lead to water retention from hormonal, physic, diseases to body disorders. Here is a list of what causes water retention / swelling / edema. Arthritis Arthritis often causes pain and swelling in the affected joint. It can affect any joints in our body from hip, heel, spine, shoulder, knee to our big toe. The swelling is usually localized in the affected area only.