• Kidney Failure, Diseases and Water Retention

    Kidney is one of our vital organs. It removes excess fluid, waste, toxic substances from the blood, regulates blood volume and controls our blood pressure. Click here for more detail about the kidneys and how they work. When the kidneys fail to function normally because of some factors, many symptoms will be present. One of the symptoms is water retention or swelling especially in the legs, feet or ankles and potentially in the hand, face or body cavity.
  • Why Water Retention Occur in Kidney Patients?

    Kidney is one of the main parts of our excretory system. Failure of the kidneys to function properly will obstruct the entire excretory system. And this may lead to the occurring of water retention. Let’s take a look at the kidney and its function as it will help you to better understand how and what causes water retention in patients with kidney problems. Kidneys inside our body Our kidneys are two bean-shaped organs which are located near the middle of the back; one on each side.
  • What Causes Water Retention / Swelling / Edema

    There’re many conditions and problems which lead to water retention from hormonal, physic, diseases to body disorders. Here is a list of what causes water retention / swelling / edema. Arthritis Arthritis often causes pain and swelling in the affected joint. It can affect any joints in our body from hip, heel, spine, shoulder, knee to our big toe. The swelling is usually localized in the affected area only.