• Medical Support Hose for Painful Varicose Veins, Tired and Achy Legs

    You may be a person who, after seeing a doctor, is recommended that you need particular medical supplies. Rather than getting the back supports, medical support hose for your tired and achy legs, firm support stockings for painful varicose veins, orthopedic knee or ankle braces, or crutches that you need from a hospital pharmacy at a much higher price, you choose to shop around in order to find a better price on your home medical equipment.
  • Water Retention in Legs and Venous Insufficiency Disease

    The veins (venous) also referred to as blood vessels are tubes or ducts that transport blood to the heart. The veins contribute to our circulatory system by carrying oxygen-poor blood from the leg back to the heart. When the venous circulatory system fails to return the oxygen-poor blood back to the heart over the long term, many diseases related to venous will be developed and many symptoms will start to occur.
  • What Causes Water Retention / Swelling / Edema

    There’re many conditions and problems which lead to water retention from hormonal, physic, diseases to body disorders. Here is a list of what causes water retention / swelling / edema. Arthritis Arthritis often causes pain and swelling in the affected joint. It can affect any joints in our body from hip, heel, spine, shoulder, knee to our big toe. The swelling is usually localized in the affected area only.